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新潟県の日本酒「越の白鳥」を醸す酒蔵 新潟第一酒造 株式会社

新潟県の日本酒「越の白鳥」を醸す酒蔵 新潟第一酒造 株式会社


新潟県の日本酒「越の白鳥」を醸す酒蔵 新潟第一酒造 株式会社

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Niigata Daiich Shuzo Co.Ltd., CEO Yoshinori TAKEDA.

To my Friends

I am Yoshinori TAKEDA, the CEO of Niigata Daiichi Shuzo co, Ltd.,(SAKE brewery)
Well known for its two main brands.

“KOSHI no HAKUCHO”(Swan of Niigata area )and “YAMMA”( translates to between the mountains)
Since its founding 1922, Niigata Daiichi Shuzo has kept policy “ brewing SAKE that coveys to drinkers peace of mind, pleasure, dramatic emotion and excitement.

Sophisticated and elegant aroma with a rich savory taste

Junmai Daiginjo

Mild acidity and transparent savory taste

Junmai Ginjo

Thick and rich savory taste with a sold backborn

Tokubetsu Junmai

Refreshing mouth-feel while having roundness in taste

Tokubetsu Honjozo

We are pleased to announce that there four type of SAKE have taken flight as the new“ KOSHI no HAKUCHO” Brand ND!

We believe that there SAKE's will bring a smile to everyone's faces, and each drop is full of our team's aspiration to have there SAKE's continue Fly, throughout the world. My KOSHI no HAKUCHO alight near you and give you more reasons for a warm toast.

Thank you and best regards

Niigata Daiichi Shuzou Co. Ltd.,
CEO Yoshinori TAKEDA.


Niigata Daiichi Shuzo founded 1922 is located in Uragawara-ku, Joetsu-city, which is in a mountainous area that boasts Japan's heaviest snowfall and an abundance of nature representing all four seasons. They are attracting attention as Niigata's new generation SAKE breweries using rice harvested from the terraced rice-fields in mountains, fresh and clean underground water from the back mountains, and producing SAKE brewed by techniques of the brew masters of Echigo that naturally bring people together.

The SAKE brewing history in the area starts with the founding of the Kameya-Shuzo. Three SAKE breweries merged together in 1963, and one more jointed in 1965 to establish the Niigata Daiichi Shuzo.
With the motto “always brewing SAKE that conveys peace, joy, and excitement” Niigata Daiichi Shuzo brews their SAKE with locally grown rice from the terraced rice field in the mountains, They produced approximately 300-koku (koku=278.3 liters). They moved the ownership later and current brewing operations are performed by a small elite team that is headed by Yoshinori TAKEDA, the fourth-generation president and chief brewer.

The main brands are “YAMMA”which directly bottles the high-quality middle part without allowing the SAKE to mix with oxygen, and KOSHI no HAKUCHO” which is a blend of the freshly squeezed first run (arabashiri) of the fermentation mash and the lastly pressed part (seme)

The “YAMMA” which was experimentally started from 2006 SAKE brewing year, uses SAKE rice grown in the local mountains to embody the “ultimate taste. The brand SAKE was envisioned by the fourth generation chief brewer, Yoshinori TAKEDA. Only SAKE that is bottled directly from the middle part of the press nozzle is named “YAMMA” and can be shipped from the brewery. After being carefully and secretly brewed for 8-eight years. It has finally been taken shape and has quickly become a popular brand which is hard to obtain.

“When I first encountered this SAKE, I had a striking impression of the worldliness of the“ YAMMA” brand with its refreshing fruit-like taste,”chief brewer Yoshinori TAKEDA says.
Its rich flavor with plenty freshness is characterized by a soothing powerful sweetness, combined with gassiness particular to the direct―bottling process which expands as YAMMA’s unique (umami)savory taste.

“My idea my dream still continues‥‥‥”says TAKEDA. In SAKE brewing, “we have to keep an adamant position in making no compromises and creating SAKE we are proud of,”he says.